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Poll is closed!

This week's topics are:

-Crazed fans make for crappy shows/Concert etiquette today
-Seven Continents/WTFITS.
-Is the bandom too harsh on Vicky-T or is she sitting pretty?

Topic posts may begin.



This week's poll has some added things that were not in the comment post. Mainly because this community needs a little more effort than it's been getting.

Come on, guys! This idea was so awesome to start! Let's get it going!

Poll #1154546 Bandom_Debate week #2

Week 2 Discussions

Crazed fans make for crappy shows/Concert etiquette today
The Myspace Pups, their relevance/Should Joe's Kitty get a page?
Seven Continents/WTFITS.
Shaant-Gay-te 2008
Is the bandom too harsh on Vicky-T or is she sitting pretty?
Are +44 and Angels & Airwaves going strong or going under?

Remember to vote for the one you'd like to discuss the most. Top 3 with the most votes at the end of Tuesday will be chosen for the next round of discussions.

Don't be afraid to speak up. Last week's two remaining topics are open for discussion posts. Just please remember to follow the post rules (because one topic is other, so it can be about anything, but only the first post about it gets the discussion).

FOB / canon, fanon, RL

Kicking this off.

The topic: Pete in the Senate/Celebrities and political activism

So Pete cleaned up and went to Capitol Hill to support a bill (lol Schoolhouse ROCKS!), and later this Spring he's planning on making a trip to the Middle East to bring about more public awareness of the refugees of war and their plight.

He's actively been supporting Obama, which now we've seen Patrick hinting at it, too, and Fall Out Boy on a whole have been involved with PETA, Invisible Children, Live Aid, and a few other things my mind refuses to dig up atm.

On one level I am extremely proud that these guys have got the leverage to go out and start getting things done, raising awareness, hosting fund-raisers and marches and other events, even if it begins as a hare-brained idea. I'm glad to see that they're using their voices and making them heard, something I myself have tried over and over again to no avail. They've got such a wonderful influence on so many people and for all the right reasons at times that it simply just works. I hope it keeps working.

On another level, a more extreme one, I'm scared shitless for them. Political activism will never be a sunshine and gumdrops world. Celebrities who become publicly involved face all sorts of stigmata, from jeers from people who can't take them seriously to having to wear Kevlar even in non-combatant zones.

Take the Dixie Chicks. That example sort of speaks for itself in an extreme way. XD Crowds are won and lost and won again but that was a sad sad thing to see. It's hard when you know you're alienating so many people simply because of your own choices and beliefs that, for the most part, have NOTHING to do with the music you make (You're Crashing, by the wayside stfu. I'm not sure what Pete was getting at with that song, haha).

Hire a construction crew and all that.

My question isn't so much a jumping point to judge and grudge, but one to sit back and look at the whole picture. They're making an impact, but how do -you- feel it?

I just mainly want to know what everyone thinks about it all, because it isn't discussed a whole lot unless an actual event comes up or someone makes a statement (lol Patrick "I'M LOOKING AT YOU, PENNSYLVANIA") or we see Pete lurking in a photo full of Senators and Representatives, clean-shaven, three-pieced, and trench-coated.

**tosses her hat into the ring**

EDIT: Found it all.
Link to the article, via The Washington Post

The great thing about persistance

is 'persist'.


Comment here with any ideas you may have.

But please keep your ideas understandable and intelligent to avoid confusion.

Remember: you have TWO DAYS to get your ideas in. Polling will begin Friday (evening, most likely).

And also keep in mind last week's discussions are still open.



Well, it's... um. Saturday now. Sorry for the extra long start, guys, but I guess it helped out a bit in getting the poll going. I'm sure everyone has had enough time to mull over the given subjects.

Topics are:

1) Fall Out Boy as fathers
2) Pete in the Senate/Celebrities and political activism
3) Other

I believe how option three will work is the first discussion post about a grab-bag topic that makes its way to the mod's boxes will be chosen.

Please gear yourselves up for the first set of discussion posts on this community!
Have a topic question phrased and ready to go? Don't hesitate! Post it and see if your question will be the one discussed for the week. Remember that we are in a phase of modding posts--

Once a post on each topic has hit our in-boxes and it appears on the community, no more may be sent in for that topic.

As a refresher, post format goes like this. Please make sure to follow this form:

Subject Line: bandom/aspect(music, fanon, canon, relationships)
Body: initial question
All remaining discussion will take place in the comments.

Remember as well that if you have any questions, you can always refer to the comm profile, or contact a mod. :D



*and remember also to have your next set of topic suggestions ready for Tuesday.


Due to the fact that there were only three discussion topics this week,i'm giving the option of voting OTHER in the poll.
however if it becomes one of the topics, and you submit the question it must comply with the rules

Poll #1146306 Bandom_Debate week 1

The first discussion topics should be...

fall out boy as dads
pete in the senate/celebrities and political activism
rumors and relationships

coughWe're Opencough

hey you guys
the comment post is up and running.

Firstly I want to thank all of the members for having faith in this baby! community. Now it's time to see if this can work in reality not just theory.

It's been a busy week for bandom (well Fall Out Boy fandom at least)

Have those American Eagle Promotional videos stirred up some thoughts? Did "Worlds Greatest Assholes" get you thinking logically about little Wentz's? or maybe something has been occupying your mind for a while.

Comment here with any ideas you may have.

But please keep  your ideas understandable and intelligent to avoid confusion.

Remember: you have
TWO DAYS to get your ideas in.


Hello, everyone!

Thank you for joining the community, first and foremost. We should be getting things underway in the very near future but for right now we'd love to focus on promotion while the final details are being ironed out.

We encourage our members to come up with banners, icons, and all sorts of fun things for this community, and to post them wherever you think interest can be generated. This part is most likely going to be a wonderfully perpetuating project, so we'd love to have as much help and input as we can, whenever we can.

I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here. Thanks again, and I know we're sure to have some interesting discussions once everything kicks into high gear.



Hey guys, angelcakes694  here. This community is brand brand new, and it'd be great if everyone could spread the word a little. Just copy and paste the banner into an entry and get to spreading! Thanks guys!

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